Phonics and Early Reading

Validated by the Department of Education

About Dramatic Progress in Literacy Phonics (DPiL Phonics)

DPiL Phonics is an outstanding DFE verified  Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme (SSP). It is for use in YR, Y1 and Y2; and as a catch-up programme for struggling readers in KS2 and older children with SEND. DPiL Phonics programme aligns with the Government verified phonic decodable books from Phonic Books Ltd:

DPiL Phonics has proven plans, strategies and resources that supports all children to learn to read and write. It supports children who have reading difficulties and reading disabilities from the start with its use of colour digraphs, colour filled phoneme frames to support decoding and empty phoneme frames to support encoding.

DPiL Phonics is a revised version of ‘Letters and Sounds’ with a difference. The difference with DPiL phonics is that in YR, once children have learned all their single letter graphemes and same letter graphemes (ll ss ff zz ), they learn to read these in many combinations, including adjacent consonants, before beginning to learn the consonant and vowel diagraphs and trigraphs and two syllable words. It offers a complete teaching programme meeting the expectations of the National Curriculum, the Ofsted Deep Dive into reading and the Y1 Phonics Screening Check.

‘The clear progression of the programme enables our pupils to become confident readers and parents have recognised how recent changes in early reading and phonics have had a positive impact on children, with them being keener to read and share their knowledge at home.  Nina is always on hand for support and guidance and regularly updates her resources.  The training package offered is bespoke and tailored to our school and phases, alongside this, the detailed planning, resources, and assessment tools enable a consistent approach taught with skill and enthusiasm’

Kara Satterley 

Phonics and Early Reading Lead

Deputy Headteacher

Blean Primary School (Kent) Outstanding March 22